About AeU MOOC

AeU MOOC is a platform for education and learning for learners around the world. AeU MOOC Provider is developed under Asian Centre of e-Learning, Asia e University. ACE seeks to promote e-learning initiatives in the Asia region, establish strategic links with institutions in the creation of e-content, develop policies and standards, and provide a repository of e-learning technologies.

As an online learning provider, we are revolutionizing conventional education by removing the barriers that can limit access to higher education and make it more approachable, flexible, and economical.  Here, we are committed to create the best educational experience in the future. Learners can study at their own pace because we believe everyone has a right to higher education without any boundaries. 


Certificate that you can add to your resume and boost your level of skill. The certificate approve by Head of Asian Centre of e-Learning

Golden Learning Experience

Able to experience higher education and enhance the skill from the expert that can grow your career.                        

100% Online Course

You can study at your own pace with flexible start dates, anywhere and anytime you want. It is also easy to use mobile apps. 

A Unique Learning Experience

We have designed a unique learning experience to help you boost your skills that you can create a better future.                                                         


The affordable fee to help you boost the skills and excel in your career.


Study at your own pace with flexible time and anywhere you want to fit learning style. 

Explore anything

There are a variety of courses you can explore and learn. From ICT, Business and Management, Research, Language, Education, Religion and many more. 

1. Go to a landing page / front page

2. Choose the course that interest you

3. Click enter button

4. Click continue

5. If you do not have an account yet, you have to create one

6. Click Register to create an account

7. If you already have an account, click log in and enter your username and password 

Note: If the course is chargeable, you have to request from the administrative to enrol in the course. If the course is free, you can directly participate in the course.